Hello and welcome to My Year with Otome Gaming where I’ll discuss the general wellness that can come with playing Otome games.
An Otome game is usually defined as a “maiden” game in Japan but we refer to them in America as “Dating simulators” – and they can be seen as a bit of a social stigma.

Well. I’m working to remove this social stigma and to show that these games can actually have a beneficial impact on the minds of those plagued with self-doubt and anxiety. These games are actually very rewarding and comforting and usually only for a small fee. To me, it is very much worth it for the sense of acceptance they reward the player with.

It doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are – these characters will love you. Plus even if you end up not liking the person the stories are usually interesting and you want to aim for that “Best” ending.

So please. Delve further and let’s explore Otome games together!